Technical translation

А.В.С. Translation Agency offers professional translation of any technical and scientific texts. More specifically, we translate documents in the following spheres:

  •  machine building;
  • machine tool industry, instrument engineering;
  • ship building, air and space technologies;
  • electric power industry, electrical engineering and nuclear power industry;
  • telecommunications, navigation and communications;
  • gas, oil mining and oil refining industry;
  • technical chemistry;
  • software and hardware, information mapping systems;
  • electronic circulation systems, measuring equipment;
  • water supply, conditioning and ventilation equipment;
  • automation, monitoring and safety systems;
  • hydraulic and pneumatic equipment.

Technical translations are performed by professionals who have significant experience working with design and normative documents, bidding proposals, quality standards, equipment and material catalogues, documents necessary for construction, commissioning of industrial objects, technological process documents, equipment, quality standards in metal processing and rolled products, ore mining and smelting industry.

A comprehensive approach is used to ensure the maximum quality of translation. The process involves translators, editors, proofreaders, specialists in respective terminology, designers, and software developers. For large-volume translations, our agency uses the Translation Memory technologies that enable us to significantly shorten the means and time costs of technical documents translation. We guarantee uniform terminology and style in all documents.