Our literary translation specialists have vast knowledge of the culture and mentality of native speakers and are able to convey not only the contents of the original text but also the style, specific features of the author’s language and the word play. You can also order a word for word translation.

А.В.С translators work with narrative literature and poetry as well as with popular science books and articles. In our translation agency, you can order translation of correspondence or memoirs, current affairs and advertising texts.

А.В.С. Translation Agency has vast experience in the following areas:

  • educational, social and political translations;
  • advertising and marketing translations;
  • translations for magazines, newspapers, websites, etc.;
  • belles lettres translation.

In the sphere of translation of belles lettres and current affairs texts, our agency cooperates with the largest national and international institutions and organizations:

  • 2004-2008: cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine within the framework of the Equal Access to Quality Education Project.
  • 2000-2009: cooperation with the International Renaissance Foundation (Soros Foundation) in the sphere of educational, social and political translations.
  • Long-standing cooperation with the СPL Group (translations for Panorama, What’s On, Installations + Technologies and some others); Meridian and Business Class Magazine.
  • translation of R. Doernberg’s book, International Taxation, published by Abris.

To order translation of belles lettres or a publicist text, please  or contact our consultants.