Legal translations

А.В.С. Translation Agency has longstanding experience of cooperation with legal companies. Our customers’ orders are performed by translators having additional education in law, economics, finance or banking.Legal Translation - A.B.C. Transltion Agency

The main objective of our provision of services to legal companies is not only high quality translations performed by our professionals but also creation of comfortable round-the-clock working conditions (provided by the Weekend Translation Group) for the company as well as optimization of translation, editorial and notary costs.

We provide qualified translation of the following documents:

  • statutory documents (foundational agreements, minutes, founders’ decisions, powers of attorney);
  • all types of contracts and agreements (including the most complicated Loan Agreement, Mezzanine Facility Agreement, Murabaha Financing Agreement, Pledge Mortgage Agreement, Trust Deed, Escrow Account Agreement, Debt Settlement Agreement, Umbrella Agreement…);
  • laws and normative legal acts of Ukraine; international conventions, agreements and other foreign legislative documents;
  • court decisions, statements of claim, appeals, petitions, court hearing protocols and all types of other court documentation;
  • legal and audit conclusions and memoranda;
  • all documents in the insurance sphere;
  • certificates, licenses, warrants, diplomas, verifications and other personal documents.

We provide a complete set of services related to written translation: in addition to translation and professional proofreading, we also offer notary certification of documents as “ready to use”, apostille and presence of a professional interpreter during notarial certification of translation in the customer’s territory.