Financial and economic translations

А.В.С. Translation Agency offers its customers cooperation with translators who have many years of work experience and additional educational background in law, economics, finance or banking.

We perform qualified financial and economic translations of the following documents:

  • statutory documents (foundational agreements, minutes, founders’ decisions, powers of attorney);
  • all types of contracts and agreements (including the most complicated Loan Agreement, Mezzanine Facility Agreement, Murabaha Financing Agreement, Pledge Mortgage Agreement, Trust Deed, Escrow Account Agreement, Debt Settlement Agreement, Umbrella Agreement…);
  • laws and normative legal acts of Ukraine; international conventions and other foreign legislative documents;
  • annual financial reports of companies and enterprises;
  • business plans; project financing documents;
  • banking and tax documents;
  • all documents in the insurance sphere;
  • analytical normative documents (AND) /quality control methods (QCM) and other accompanying documents;
  • certificates, licenses, warrants, verifications and other personal documents.

Along with translations of financial documents, we also offer notary verification of documents to be “ready to use” or accompaniment by a professional translator for notary certification in the customer’s territory.

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