А.В.С. Translation Agency performs written translations of any degree of complexity in thirty foreign languages.

We offer translation of documents in the English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Belorussian, Serbian, Croatian, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Romanian, Moldavian, Dutch, Danish and Greek languages.

We also offer translation in rare languages, such as Norwegian, Swedish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Arabic, Turkish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Hebrew.

The main areas of written translations are:

  1. LABF – legal, audit, banking & finance translations
  2. pharmaceutical/medical translations
  3. scientific and technical translations.

А.В.С. Translation Agency has vast experience of translating texts in the following areas:

  • Educational, social, and political translations.
  • Advertising and marketing translations.
  • Translations for magazines, newspapers, websites, etc.
  • Translation of belles lettres.

During the entire period of cooperation with the Agency, each customer is accompanied by an individual manager. The manager will provide information about each task or project, coordinate the work of А.В.С. specialists, and organize communication between А.В.С. specialists and the customer.

standing group of translators is created for each customer: in this way, specific nature and features of the translation are preserved. For corporate customers, А.В.С. Translation Agency develops individual glossaries taking into consideration the specific features of the project, corporate style and customer’s wishes. A uniform terminology is ensured, which is especially relevant where amendments are introduced or different versions of the document are prepared.

Before the translation is delivered to the customer, each project is proofread by a professional editor specializing in the specific translation area. The highest quality is ensured when the translation process involves both a proof-reader and an editor.

For more detailed information about the written translation areas please go to a respective section. You can also  by filling in an on-line order form at the bottom of this page.