Accompaniment of agreements

One of the most popular services provided by А.В.С. Translation Agency to individuals and corporate customers is accompaniment of a notary agreement by a translator. Accompaniment is required when you notarize a translated text and when the translator’s presence is mandatory.

Translator’s services may be necessary for signing notarial agreements for various documents subject to notarization: powers of attorney, letters of consent, verifications, certificates. They are also required for signing agreements for buying real estate abroad, marriage contracts with foreigners and some other deeds.

 A translator should be present during the signing of notarial agreements when the parties have to sign a document prepared in a foreign language. This service, depending on a situation, includes:

  • Verification of the translator’s qualification by the notary (mandatory).
  • Consecutive interpretation of notary actions (interpretation of notary’s words, statements of the other party).
  • Written translation (partial or complete) of the package of documents.
  • Notary certification of the translator’s signature on the entire package of documents.

Notarial documentation is executed in the national language. Therefore, when a person who cannot speak Ukrainian needs notary services, the notary asks an interpreter to translate the contents of the document so that the client understands what he/she signs.

You can order accompaniment of a notary agreement by an interpreter by  or contacting our consultants at phone numbers that can be found on our website.