The pricing policy of А.В.С. Translation Agency is flexible and aimed at ensuring the maximum optimization of the clients’ expenses.

The cost of translation includes:

  • the translation itself performed by a highly qualified translator specializing in the respective sphere;
  • proofreading by an editor, formatting and corrections;
  • preparation of translation certificates if necessary;
  • transfer of graphic fragments from the original to the translated text, translation of inscriptions in the graphic fragments;
  • preliminary work with printed version of the document (if there is no electronic version).

We offer:

  • cash and cashless forms of payment, in Ukrainian hryvnias or in foreign currency;
  • cost calculation based on the number of words – the most transparent way accepted worldwide. A standard page has 300 words (approximately 2,200 characters with spaces);
  • mandatory preparation of all official payment documents;
  • no advance payment requirement for corporate clients;
  • special discounts for customers who signed contracts with us;
  • proofreading and editing included (except for proofreading by a native speaker) in the cost of translation;
  • possibility of doing a free trial translation;
  • delivery within Kyiv for regular clients who signed contract with us – free of charge;
  • low urgency coefficient – 1.5.

If you have a specific order, please forward your request to the Translation Agency Manager (including the document or the number of words, language of translation, desired deadline, instructions concerning text formatting, requirements for interpretation, etc.). We will always promptly respond to your order.

If necessary, we will be glad to give you further details about the services provided by А.В.С. Translation Agency.