А.B.C. Translation Agency Conducted Workshop for Pharmaceutical and Medical Translators

Тренинг по фармацевтическим переводам

June 14, А.В.С. Translation Agency сonducted free master class on professional medical translation: specific aspects and secrets.

Trainer: Leading Pharmaceutical and Medical Translator of А.В.С. Translation Agency with medical education Iryna Starenka.

Participants of the training had an opportunity to assess their knowledge and skills and learn which skills are crucial for successful work in the sphere of pharmaceutical and medical translations. We focused on answering only those questions that are really necessary in everyday practical work with medical translations, and left out everything that was not essential.

Training program:

1. Special approaches to translating pharmaceutical and medical terminology, specific aspects of the scientific language, most common mistakes, and key “pitfalls” in translating specialized texts:

  • general patterns of translation of terminology from English;
  • typical difficulties in medical translations (statistical terminology, “false friends” of a medical translator, polysemic terms);
  • specific features of the English language influencing the quality of translation into Russian/Ukrainian (conciseness, sentence structure, phrases that are not typical in Russian/Ukrainian, punctuation, capital and small letters, compound adjectives);
  • articles as an important semantic unit of the English language;
  • complex examples that teach how to polish the quality and avoid incorrectness;
  • important nuances of translation of figures;
  • specific aspects of work with Latin terms in English texts;
  • quotation marks, abbreviations, numbers and other small details that make a difference between the professional and the amateur;
  • special features of English translation.

2. Fundamentals of proper text layout in the Word format:

  • general requirements for the correct layout of translated texts;
  • procedure for the processing of texts copied from pdf or converted with, for instance, FineReader;
  • use of non-breaking spaces, page breaks, and tabs;
  • creation of headers and footers, and work with them;
  • automatic creation of a table of contents;
  • text to table conversion.

3. Initial introduction to the Trados Automated Translation System. General information, description of advantages and problems, demonstration of work with

texts. This is a brief overview for translators who have never worked with Trados.

NOTE!  АВС Translation Agency conducts regular professional trainings and master classes in complicated and highly specialized areas of translation. If you would like to take part in one of such trainings, please contact us by filling out the  on our web-site.

Feedback from the participants:

* the training was useful since it eliminated numerous doubts concerning many specific issues. Some aspects were vague for me for a very long time. I didn’t have such an experienced peer translator or an editor who would be willing to share their knowledge in such a constructive way, nor was I sure whether or not I could trust their advice. As to Trados, Iryna better than during the previous workshop demonstrated an example of the practical use of this software. I’ll definitely follow the training calendar!

* You should conduct such master classes more often!!

* A very good training! I’d like to wish you to continue to share such important information in the future. I wish you good clients and correct translations.

* Wonderful training, comfortable atmosphere. Everything was done very professionally!