Specific Requirements for Placement of Orders

Як оформити замовлення на переклад

When placing your order for translation of a text or a document by А.В.С. Translation Agency, you will have to answer several important questions asked by our manager. The answers to these questions will help us to fulfill your order within the shortest possible time.

  • Is your document standardized?

Standardized documents are passports, educational credentials, birth certificates, marriage or divorce certificates, certificates from the place of study or employment, salary statements, proofs of residence, registration certificates, ownership and other documentation, various certificates, health certificates and other documents.

  • What is the purpose of your translation and where are you going to use it?

Usually, translated documents are required for submission to official institutions – governmental bodies, embassies, etc. Our manager has to know this because translation of such documents requires notary certification and validation with the translation agency stamp.

  • Does your document contain proper names?

For translation of personal documents, we ask the client to check the spelling of the proper names – first and family names, names of institutions, towns, streets, etc. The first name and the family name in the translation must be spelt exactly as in the international passport, since otherwise the document will be invalid. That is why we ask our clients to check whether the spelling of the first and family names coincides with their spelling in the international passport.

When abbreviations, acronyms, names of institutions, geographic names and the like are used, our manager will ask you to give us their correct spelling in Ukrainian or Russian to avoid mistakes in translation.

  • Are there any special requirements for the translation style and terminology?

If you have previously ordered translation of similar documents by other translation agencies or have any specific requirements as to the translation of certain terms, tell our manager about this. For translation of large texts, we prepare a glossary and ensure the use of uniform terminology throughout the translated document. If you have any reference documents that can be used by a translator, they will speed up the fulfillment of your order.

  • What are the requirements for the final text formatting?

The final translations made by our Agency comply with the requirements of the international standard ISO. However, if you have some special requirements for the text formatting (use of certain font, the same layout (1:1) as the original document, insertion of images as in the original text), we can adjust the translation in accordance with your requirements. You can also indicate the format of the file in which the translation should be delivered to you.

Timely specification of such features will significantly shorten the time necessary for preparing your translation!

The documents that you submit for translation in any form (on paper or electronically) should contain the text in a legible form suitable for reading. If you prepare copies or scans of the documents, please make sure that the scanned document does not contain any cut words, sentences or pages, that all symbols are easily readable, and that all parts of the document are printed evenly and clearly.

You can order translation of documents by our Agency in several ways:

– Submit a request (indicate your name, contact details, add your comments and upload the file);

– Send an e-mail to: tran@abccenter.kiev.ua;

– Phone us on 044 239-10-91.

Whichever way you choose, your order will be processed quickly and professionally.