Secretes and Subtleties of Legal Translation

Юридические переводы

Legal translations are singled out from general topics because of their specific vocabulary, the style of legal documents and the need to know the legal framework.

If you go for legal translation to an ordinary agency, the result may be that your final document will not meet the real legal requirements and lead to unpleasant consequences that might go as far as dispute settlement in court. That is why А.В.С. Translation Agency has a separate group of translators with respective education and many years of experience in translating agreements, statutes, court and arbitration documents, legislative acts and other legal documents.

When translating legal documents, special attention is paid to the unique terminology and the legal system of the country for which this or that document is translated.

А.В.С. qualified translators:

  1. Know the legal system of the country or countries where that document is going to be applied;
  2. Have a perfect knowledge of terminology in both languages;
  3. Are competent in specific features of various types of documents and different branches of law;
  4. Have a good command of all normative phrases, professional and specific terms.

Why is it so important to know the differences in the legal systems and concepts of different countries? Because every country has its own laws and norms that are different from those contained in the original documents. Every legal agreement or contract refers to certain legal norms, and the translator has to know how to translate or explain these norms in the target language.

When translating legal documents, А.В.С. Translation Agency uses the following procedure:

  • for the original text, a glossary of basic terms used in the document is prepared to ensure uniformity of terminology and style; such glossary is approved by the Translation Agency editor, legal consultant or by the client;
  • the translator studies the legal and normative framework in the specified sphere and translates the text using the checked and approved glossary;
  • for the translation purposes, the translator also uses a unique in-house glossary of legal terms and notions,which was compiled and has been maintained by А.В.С. for 19 years; this glossary contains the most elaborate, rare and specific legal terms and is regularly updated. Therefore, even the most complicated documents (Mezzanine Facility Agreement, Murabaha Financing Agreement, Loan Facility Agreement, Mortgage Agreement, Trust Deed, Escrow Account Agreement, Debt Settlement Agreement, Umbrella Agreement, etc.) are translated by our Agency in a quick, high-quality and professional manner;
  • preliminary translations are proofread by a legal consultant, who confirms that the text is correct from a legal point of view;
  • the agency editor proofreads the approved text to find spelling and grammar mistakes and to ensure uniformity of style and terminology. 

Many legal documents that need to be translated are standard documents. These are various constituent documents (articles of association, statute, power of attorney, protocol, resolution), agreements on purchase and sale, lease, supply and other commercial documents. To ensure the quality and promptness of translation of such legal documents, А.В.С. Translation Agency uses an advanced technology, TranslationMemory (Trados). In the 19 years of its operation, А.В.С. has accumulated an immense database of similar legal documents. For our clients, the use of such technology and database means first of all

  • high quality;
  • significantly shorter time of translation;
  • optimization of translation cost.

Clients always appreciate our attention to these THREE components of successful cooperation.

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