Consular legalization

Consular legalization of documents  refers to the procedure envisaged by international law and aimed at ensuring recognition of documents abroad. Consular legalization is used for official documents to be used in countries that are not parties to the Hague Convention.

Consular legalization of official documents includes:

  • legalization of documents in theMinistry of Justice;
  • legalization in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • legalization of documents and notarial certification;
  • legalization in an embassy/consulate of the destination country.

For legalization of documents, the customer has to issue a power of attorney to our staff member.

Specific requirements for placing a request for legalization:

  • state the name of the document, place and time of its issuance;
  • state the country for which legalization is required;
  • state whether translation is needed;
  • provide original documents.

The specific features of legalization of individual documents and additional information about the service can be received from the Translation Agency manager.