Legalization of documents is required if you are going to use the document abroad, namely in countries with which Ukraine does not have bilateral agreements on mutual recognition of documents.

Legalization is not required if a document will be used in Russia, CIS states, Poland and some other countries. However, in the majority of European countries, Ukrainian documents may not be used without legalization.

Documents need to be legalized if you are applying for a job or study abroad, creating a legal entity, getting married as well as for some other official deeds.

A.B.C. Translation Agency legalizes documents with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, Ministry of Education of Ukraine, Ministry of Health Care of Ukraine, embassies and consulates in Kyiv and Moscow.

There are two types of legalization: apostille and consular legalization. Various documents and various countries require certain types of legalization. You can receive more detailed information about this by visiting the respective sections of our website or by contacting our consultant when placing your order with us.