Simultaneous interpretation

Specialists of А.В.С. Translation Agency offer consecutive or simultaneous interpretation services of various degrees of complexity. Our interpreters have at least ten years of professional experience. Their experience includes working with international business partners and official international delegations as well as interpreting at a governmental level.

The topics for interpretation include nearly all activity spheres such as business, banking, securities, telecommunications, information technologies, oil and gas, finance and economy, agriculture, machine building, international law, medicine and pharmacology, food industry, health care and others.

Simultaneous translation does not require pauses for interpretation, while the interpreter is talking almost simultaneously with the speaker.

The main condition for providing simultaneous interpretation service is involvement of two interpreters. This condition is explained by a high workload of the interpreter during simultaneous interpretation, and even the most experienced specialist can work no more than 15-20 minutes at a time. Another condition for providing simultaneous interpretation services is the availability of equipment and technical support necessary for its functioning.

You can order simultaneous interpretation both with and without equipment depending on the event venue and organization requirements.

When selecting an interpreter for simultaneous interpretation, the topic of interpretation, format of the event, place and date should be taken into account. Therefore, the following conditions should be observed when a simultaneous interpretation is ordered:

  • Services are ordered in advance (minimum 5-7 working days).
  • Topics for discussion should be indicated with mandatory presentation of accompanying materials before the beginning of interpretation.
  • Information is to be provided about the date when interpretation is needed, and the number of working hours.
  • The event venue is to be stated. The cost of interpretation may be different for the services to be provided outside Kyiv and Kyiv Oblast or outside Ukraine.
  •  The format and the number of participants of the event should also be specified. This is an important condition that will allow us to determine the set of equipment necessary for simultaneous interpretation.