Quality of service

we work with TradosFor А.В.С., the quality of translation is paramount because it forms the basis for our successful cooperation with the clients. Therefore, our most significant resources are invested in quality guarantees, which are ensured, in particular, by:

  • professional translators who work in specific professional areas (law, finance, technical, pharmaceutical, etc.);
  • professional proofreaders and editors, including native speakers of various languages;
  • professional management (“management control” procedure);
  • respective clear procedure stating the responsibilities and levels of liability of each link;
  • constant cooperation with the client in the context of terminology coordination and preparation of glossaries, vocabularies, thesauruses, etc.;
  • constant (monthly) improvement of the ABC Translation Style Guide, which ensures uniform style, terminology and improvement of professional skills;
  • availability of modern technical equipment;
  • use of innovative technologies, including Trados software;
  • translators’ regular attendance of training programs, including Translation Skills, Professional Proofreading, Professional Formatting, Trados, Google Search, and others;
  • work of the Quality Audit Commission.

The client can always appeal to the А.В.С. Quality Auditing Commission, whose members will objectively and impartially evaluate the quality of translation.

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