Private clients

А.В.С. Translation Agency in Kyiv provides a wide range of translation services for individuals. We will help you legalize a ready translation, have your translated documents certified by a notary and, of course, we will quickly and efficiently translate all your documents into a foreign languageWe're really good in personal documents translation

In our work, we take into account your personal circumstances. Therefore, urgent translation of documents necessary for receiving a visa or citizenship as well as customs documentation will be performed within the shortest possible time without any harm to the quality of translation in accordance with international standards.

When you come to A.В.С. Translation Agency to order translation of your personal documents, your order will be carefully attended to and you will receive an optimal balance of the price and time of translation performance. Competent and polite managers will answer all your questions by phone or e-mail and organize the work with the maximum comfort for you.

А.В.С. Translation Agency translates:

  • passports;
  • authorization documents;
  • certificates, including birth, marriage or divorce, and death certificates;
  • driver’s licenses;
  • confirmations;
  • educational documents (diplomas, qualifications, transcripts, pupil’s report cards, student’s achievement sheets);
  • military registration cards;
  • service records;
  • stamps on individual documents;
  • permits (for a child’s trip to other countries, for adoption);
  • powers of attorney;
  • notarial certification of translated documents.

Important information to be considered when ordering translation of personal documents:

  1. If you provide documents for translation that require notarial certification, for instance, when you need a notarized copy of a birth certificate to be subsequently translated into a foreign language, please pay attention to the quality and condition of the original document. It is important that the integrity of the original is preserved, and it should not contain any corrections or erasures. Otherwise, a notary may refuse to certify a copy of such document.
  2. For personal documents containing family names and first name of individuals, indicate the spelling of respective family and first names as it is in an international passport or other effective documents, for instance, as in an application form submitted together with other documents to a foreign higher education institution.
  3. You are strongly advised to give our manager the transcription of family names, first names and names of companies when you place your translation order.
  4. Official documents should be translated only by professional translators with proven qualifications. The translator’s qualifications and signature are verified by the notary.
  5. To confirm the authenticity of your document abroad, you will need consular legalization or an apostille (on the original document or a copy thereof), depending on the country in which the document will be used.
  6. The document holder who is a qualified translator may not certify the translation of his/her own documents.