Editing and proofreading

Our Translation Agency guarantees complete grammatical correctness of the text, including correct translation of words and phrases, terms and proper names. Editing means comparison of the final text against the original and correction of mistakes. For editing highly specialized texts, qualified professionals in the respective area are involved.

Our company implements the policy of mandatory proofreading of translated texts. Exceptions are possible only in the case of urgent orders when the time available for translation does not make the editor’s work possible.

What does the work of an editor of the translation agency include, what can and should our client expect when placing an or text editing?

In general, two stages of the editor’s work with the translated text can be identified.

During the first stage, conventionally called translation editing, the editor works only with the language – grammar and basic stylistics.

During the second stage, translation is checked and corrected at the level of professional specialization of the text, and the focus is on the vocabulary and terminology in the context of the translation subject, i.e. correct use of terminology and appropriate conveyance of the contents at the level of correct understanding of the technical, scientific or another specialized text.

In the former case, editing is done by a linguistic editor, and in the latter – by a specialist with a knowledge of language who has education or professional experience in the sphere of specialization of the edited text (subject), for instance, medicine, law, finance, etc.

Furthermore, if you have a translated text but are not satisfied with its quality, our professional editors will be able to help you. In this process, the following mistakes will be corrected:

  • grammar and vocabulary (mistakes in words and punctuation);
  • stylistic (lack of coordination, improper use of words and phrases);
  • mistakes in translation of individual words and terms;
  • omissions in translation.

Typically, our Translation Agency includes the cost of text editing and proofreading in the translation cost (except for proofreading by a native speaker).