А.В.С. Translation Agency guarantees complete grammatical correctness of the text, including correct translation of words and phrases, terms and proper names. Translation editing implies a comparative check of the performed translation with regard to the original and correction of mistakes. For proofreading of the highly specialized texts, we involve qualified specialists in the respective sphere.

Text editing also includes correction of the following types of mistakes:

  • grammar and lexical mistakes (spelling and punctuation);
  • stylistic mistakes (lack of correlation, improperly used words, phrases);
  • mistakes in translation of individual words and terms;
  • omissions in translation.

Our specialists also edit translations provided by the customer. If we receive a text for editing that was translated with the help of software, А.В.С. may see it as an order for a new translation.

To order translation editing, please fill in an on-line form or contact our managers.