Secretes and Subtleties of Legal Translation

Legal translations are singled out from general topics because of their specific vocabulary, the style of legal documents and the need to know the legal framework.

If you go for legal translation to an ordinary agency, the result may be that your final document will not meet the real legal requirements and lead to unpleasant consequences that might go as far as dispute settlement in court. That is why А.В.С. Translation Agency has a separate group of translators with respective education and many years of experience in translating agreements, statutes, court and arbitration documents, legislative acts and other legal documents.

When translating legal documents, special attention is paid to the unique terminology and the legal system of the country for which this or that document is translated.

А.В.С. qualified translators:

  1. Know the legal system of the country or countries where that document is going to be applied;
  2. Have a perfect knowledge of terminology in both languages;
  3. Are competent in specific features of various types of documents and different branches of law;
  4. Have a good command of all normative phrases, professional and specific terms.

Why is it so important to know the differences in the legal systems and concepts of different countries? Because every country has its own laws and norms that are different from those contained in the original documents. Every legal agreement or contract refers to certain legal norms, and the translator has to know how to translate or explain these norms in the target language.

When translating legal documents, А.В.С. Translation Agency uses the following procedure:

  • for the original text, a glossary of basic terms used in the document is prepared to ensure uniformity of terminology and style; such glossary is approved by the Translation Agency editor, legal consultant or by the client;
  • the translator studies the legal and normative framework in the specified sphere and translates the text using the checked and approved glossary;
  • for the translation purposes, the translator also uses a unique in-house glossary of legal terms and notions,which was compiled and has been maintained by А.В.С. for 19 years; this glossary contains the most elaborate, rare and specific legal terms and is regularly updated. Therefore, even the most complicated documents (Mezzanine Facility Agreement, Murabaha Financing Agreement, Loan Facility Agreement, Mortgage Agreement, Trust Deed, Escrow Account Agreement, Debt Settlement Agreement, Umbrella Agreement, etc.) are translated by our Agency in a quick, high-quality and professional manner;
  • preliminary translations are proofread by a legal consultant, who confirms that the text is correct from a legal point of view;
  • the agency editor proofreads the approved text to find spelling and grammar mistakes and to ensure uniformity of style and terminology. 

Many legal documents that need to be translated are standard documents. These are various constituent documents (articles of association, statute, power of attorney, protocol, resolution), agreements on purchase and sale, lease, supply and other commercial documents. To ensure the quality and promptness of translation of such legal documents, А.В.С. Translation Agency uses an advanced technology, TranslationMemory (Trados). In the 19 years of its operation, А.В.С. has accumulated an immense database of similar legal documents. For our clients, the use of such technology and database means first of all

  • high quality;
  • significantly shorter time of translation;
  • optimization of translation cost.

Clients always appreciate our attention to these THREE components of successful cooperation.

You can  of any degree of complexity and in any subject area immediately on our web-site. We also accept orders by phone 044 239-10-91 and e-mail:

Specific Requirements for Placement of Orders

When placing your order for translation of a text or a document by А.В.С. Translation Agency, you will have to answer several important questions asked by our manager. The answers to these questions will help us to fulfill your order within the shortest possible time.

  • Is your document standardized?

Standardized documents are passports, educational credentials, birth certificates, marriage or divorce certificates, certificates from the place of study or employment, salary statements, proofs of residence, registration certificates, ownership and other documentation, various certificates, health certificates and other documents.

  • What is the purpose of your translation and where are you going to use it?

Usually, translated documents are required for submission to official institutions – governmental bodies, embassies, etc. Our manager has to know this because translation of such documents requires notary certification and validation with the translation agency stamp.

  • Does your document contain proper names?

For translation of personal documents, we ask the client to check the spelling of the proper names – first and family names, names of institutions, towns, streets, etc. The first name and the family name in the translation must be spelt exactly as in the international passport, since otherwise the document will be invalid. That is why we ask our clients to check whether the spelling of the first and family names coincides with their spelling in the international passport.

When abbreviations, acronyms, names of institutions, geographic names and the like are used, our manager will ask you to give us their correct spelling in Ukrainian or Russian to avoid mistakes in translation.

  • Are there any special requirements for the translation style and terminology?

If you have previously ordered translation of similar documents by other translation agencies or have any specific requirements as to the translation of certain terms, tell our manager about this. For translation of large texts, we prepare a glossary and ensure the use of uniform terminology throughout the translated document. If you have any reference documents that can be used by a translator, they will speed up the fulfillment of your order.

  • What are the requirements for the final text formatting?

The final translations made by our Agency comply with the requirements of the international standard ISO. However, if you have some special requirements for the text formatting (use of certain font, the same layout (1:1) as the original document, insertion of images as in the original text), we can adjust the translation in accordance with your requirements. You can also indicate the format of the file in which the translation should be delivered to you.

Timely specification of such features will significantly shorten the time necessary for preparing your translation!

The documents that you submit for translation in any form (on paper or electronically) should contain the text in a legible form suitable for reading. If you prepare copies or scans of the documents, please make sure that the scanned document does not contain any cut words, sentences or pages, that all symbols are easily readable, and that all parts of the document are printed evenly and clearly.

You can order translation of documents by our Agency in several ways:

– Submit a request (indicate your name, contact details, add your comments and upload the file);

– Send an e-mail to:;

– Phone us on 044 239-10-91.

Whichever way you choose, your order will be processed quickly and professionally.

А.B.C. Translation Agency Conducted Workshop for Pharmaceutical and Medical Translators

June 14, А.В.С. Translation Agency сonducted free master class on professional medical translation: specific aspects and secrets.

Trainer: Leading Pharmaceutical and Medical Translator of А.В.С. Translation Agency with medical education Iryna Starenka.

Participants of the training had an opportunity to assess their knowledge and skills and learn which skills are crucial for successful work in the sphere of pharmaceutical and medical translations. We focused on answering only those questions that are really necessary in everyday practical work with medical translations, and left out everything that was not essential.

Training program:

1. Special approaches to translating pharmaceutical and medical terminology, specific aspects of the scientific language, most common mistakes, and key “pitfalls” in translating specialized texts:

  • general patterns of translation of terminology from English;
  • typical difficulties in medical translations (statistical terminology, “false friends” of a medical translator, polysemic terms);
  • specific features of the English language influencing the quality of translation into Russian/Ukrainian (conciseness, sentence structure, phrases that are not typical in Russian/Ukrainian, punctuation, capital and small letters, compound adjectives);
  • articles as an important semantic unit of the English language;
  • complex examples that teach how to polish the quality and avoid incorrectness;
  • important nuances of translation of figures;
  • specific aspects of work with Latin terms in English texts;
  • quotation marks, abbreviations, numbers and other small details that make a difference between the professional and the amateur;
  • special features of English translation.

2. Fundamentals of proper text layout in the Word format:

  • general requirements for the correct layout of translated texts;
  • procedure for the processing of texts copied from pdf or converted with, for instance, FineReader;
  • use of non-breaking spaces, page breaks, and tabs;
  • creation of headers and footers, and work with them;
  • automatic creation of a table of contents;
  • text to table conversion.

3. Initial introduction to the Trados Automated Translation System. General information, description of advantages and problems, demonstration of work with

texts. This is a brief overview for translators who have never worked with Trados.

NOTE!  АВС Translation Agency conducts regular professional trainings and master classes in complicated and highly specialized areas of translation. If you would like to take part in one of such trainings, please contact us by filling out the  on our web-site.

Feedback from the participants:

* the training was useful since it eliminated numerous doubts concerning many specific issues. Some aspects were vague for me for a very long time. I didn’t have such an experienced peer translator or an editor who would be willing to share their knowledge in such a constructive way, nor was I sure whether or not I could trust their advice. As to Trados, Iryna better than during the previous workshop demonstrated an example of the practical use of this software. I’ll definitely follow the training calendar!

* You should conduct such master classes more often!!

* A very good training! I’d like to wish you to continue to share such important information in the future. I wish you good clients and correct translations.

* Wonderful training, comfortable atmosphere. Everything was done very professionally!

A.B.C. Group of Companies turns nineteen!

A.B.C. Group of Companies turns nineteen on June 6, 2014!

We have been seeking for nineteen years to become a reliable friend and partner for each of our customers.

Today, A.B.C. is a Group of Companies made up of eight legal entities; the latter have unique developments and resources which allow complex and large-scale linguistic projects to be implemented cost-effectively and with high quality.

We are grateful to all our customers for choosing our company, for the trust and the ability to bring positive results.

We are grateful to our partners – all those who helped us develop our company. We thank all our employees to whose professionalism, enthusiasm and new ideas A.B.C. owes its strong position on the linguistic services market and is rightfully considered as one of Ukraine’s largest translation agencies.

In honor of its 19th anniversary, A.B.C. team has prepared a series of favorable promotional offers for all our customers!

Special discounts of up to 15% will be given to the customers of A.B.C. from June 1 to June 16 for all services provided by the Group of Companies: teaching of foreign languages, interpretation and translation, and business trainings.

Stay with us!

A.B.C. Group of companies acquired ISO sertificate

November 5, 2013 The group of companies “ABC” has successfully passed the international certification audit of quality management system according to ISO 9001. Audit conducted by an international certification body SGS. А.В.С отримала сертифікат 9001:2008

In January 2014 ABC Group of Companies received a certificate for compliance with ISO quality management system to the international standard ISO 9001:2008 ( scope of certification service provision of translation and interpretation , language training ).

Brief introduction of ISO 9001 standard .

International Standard ISO 9001 is recognized worldwide is the most prestigious in quality. ISO 9001 specifies requirements for a quality management system that the company is ready to demonstrate its ability to provide services to deliver a product that meets customer , regulatory and legislative acts , and is committed to improving customer satisfaction.

Certification of quality management system developed by ISO 9001 allows you to objectively assess the quality management system and initiate improvements in it . Frequency ( 1 per year ) audit provides the ability to track the dynamics of the effectiveness of the quality management and systematically improve its work.

Certification ISO – is a powerful marketing and competitive advantage , confirm the high efficiency of the entire staff of the Group “ABC”!